GG Mild (Gudang Garam)


GG Mild (Gudang Garam)

The premium machine-rolled kretek cigarettes by Gudang Garam. These are made with the Indonesia's high grade cloves and tobacco. Gudang Garam mild or gg mild is for those who desires mild smoking sensation with quality. These mild cigarettes have 15 Mg Tar and 0.1 Mg Nicotine.

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GG Mild are kretek cigarettes that offers the finest smoking experience.

It is one of the strong menthol flavor as compared to other products from different brands. The prices are also very affordable and with the minimalist packaging, it's a good choice for those mild kretek lovers.

GG Mild (Gudang Garam)

Overall the drag is aromatic and flawless. It is the right choice for people who don't compromise on quality. The strongest menthol flavor with the finest quality cloves formulated with the tobacco makes it a worthy try.

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