Bokormas Universal


Bokormas Universal

The traditional flavored cigarette by Bokormas - a top indonesian kretek brand. It is known for its flavor packed smoke. It makes the experience filled with flavor and aroma. KretekCigaret brings you the Bokormas Universal with the mixture of latest technology and traditional heritage.

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Simple, aromatic, and full of flavor cigarettes.

Bokormas is a major well known brand among the smokers in Indonesia. Universal comes in 12 and 16 filter options. The packaging is great.

Bokormas Universal

It's the popular choice for kretek enthusiasts and provide the fresh taste with a great smoke. The unique mixture of tobacco and other elements makes it stand out in the market. We are offering both filter options in large amount so if you want to buy bokormas universal online in bulk amount, you can contact us by filling your order details in the form and we will get back to you in our possible shortest time.

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