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Are you a importer or got any other type of requirement related to clove kretek cigarettes. We are providing you cigarettes from all top brands including Djarum, Gudang Garam, ESSE, and Surya. You can fill this form to get in touch with us and one of our representative will contact you shortly after you submit the form.

A great supplier of branded clove cigarettes indeed.

– Mr. Fredric James

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All Major Kretek brands Available

Whether you need Djarum, Gudang garam, Lucky Strike, Sampoerna, Esse, Wismilak or Camel - We can provide you.


Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes

Aromatic taste backed by the mixture of the finest quality clove and tobacco. The brand itself exhibits the elegance and boldness.


Gudang Garam International

The best selling product - loved by a wide kretek audience worldwide. Experience, Expertise and Quality ingredients makes its taste stand out.


Lucky Strike Red

We bring you genuine, affordable and traditional luckies. Its tobacco is very gentle and there's no flavor drag which basically bespeaks the quality.


Djarum Super

The combination of superfine cloves & Javanese and Madurese tobacco makes its taste distinctive. It's the premium class product.


Camel Activate Purple Mint

The ideal menthol cigarettes makes it one of the best product by Camel. It gives you a unique experience in every drag. Just activate it and control your flavor.


GG Mild (Gudang Garam)

It gives the smooth yet authentic flavorful taste. The kretek mild cigarettes are a popular choice for young men with uncompromising taste preference.

Cheap Cigarettes And Kretek

We have stock to cater your kretek requirement in bulk

KretekCigaret offers the people looking for buying kretek from all major brands like Djarum, gudang garam or godam garam in India, Lucky Strike, Sampoerna, Esse, Wismilak and Camel. We can provide in large numbers.

We take pride in being the supplier of clove cigarettes in major markets. You can buy the cigarettes to import or supply in your markets. Please note that we operate under the laws that's why we are trusted by our customers. We are the kretek cigarettes exporter. We can also provide you with the filter cigarettes of different brands as well as we offer contract cigarette manufacturing. It means you can get the kretek cigarettes with your own brand name.

Contact us today with your requirements and one of our dedicated expert will get back to you within 24-48 Hours.

Customer Reviews

I was looking to buy cigarettes when I came across this site. I wanted to import the gudang garam cigarettes actually in bulk to sale in my market and they met my expectation. Thanks.

– Hemant

We wanted to buy Filter Cigarettes with our own brand name and they provided me the connection deal with an Indonesian cigarette manufacturer. Wonderful people.

– Rajesh Kumar

We are one of the leading traders of cigarettes & deal in all type of cigarettes including the clove cigarettes. We wanted a kretek supplier that can provide us djarum, gudang garam in bulk amount so we contacted KretekCigaret and got what we were looking for. Good business people.

– Lefotho Gray

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